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The Vineyard

Château Fayolle-Luzac is ideally situated on the top of a ridge, gently sloping in south western direction, exposing the vines to a maximum of sun. The soil is a mixture of sand, clay and limestone.

For the wine-making process we carefully select the grapes, which we consider good enough to market under our name, "Château Fayolle-Luzac".

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We use modern methods, such as temperature control, to make our wine in our brand new wine making facility.

When we took over the property, which has been a vineyard for over a hundred years, we set as our target to produce a quality wine, by reducing the productiveness per hectare and by paying a lot of extra attention to the cultivation of the soil.

From the start we used a sustainable farming policy and since 2013 we are (certified) organic. We sell our wines with pride using the AB and European organic logo on our labels.

To cut a long story short, we enjoy what we are doing and we like to think that you can find this back in our wines!